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Review of ‘Vitrinerie’ by Madeleine Stack, on The White Pube

Conversation between Madeleine Stack and HP about Videosnack, on aqnb

Review of ‘Fatal Softness: Pauline Batista and Madeleine Stack’ in MAP Magazine, by Henry Broome



The amateur-amante as a future tool: Interview with Anyely Marin Cisneros & Rebecca Close (Critical Días) for un magazine

Pushing at the Wound: On violence and consent in the work of Lola Clavo and Maria Llopis for Another Gaze 2

Is Three Possible? Did Two Ever Exist? for Doggerland, A Reader: on Sociality and Idiocy (upcoming)


Archwife for Dana Lawrie’s ‘Grasp the Nettle’ at Metro Arts

Meniscus text to accompany Future Skinned


Vitrinerie, novella published by Nubile Press

Re-thinking the transgendered stage: an interview with Terre Thaemlitz on queering the image + taking back sites of abandonment, for aqnb 

Turn your stream into my garden for Leste Magazine #3 (with Mariana Echeverri)

Reading at CC: Berlin, Gr_und, 25 October 

Liquid Crystal II for ‘Collective Body’, published by the Institute of Contemporary Art, London


The Odd Woman and the City: Walking with Sophie Calle for Lyra Magazine

Liquid Crystal for Grace Kevill-Davies’ ~VENUS~ at Fake Estate

The whispering part of the voice: Listening back to ‘No Screening’ at ICA for aqnb

‘A carving out of space that is designed to end’ for Runway Australian Experimental Art

Harvesting the Dregs Ariana Reines + Oscar Tuazon at Modern Art, London for aqnb

‘The party becomes the site of knowing’: On the Brisbane sharehouse ARI for Runway Australian Experimental Art

Movie-Time for Romii Fulton-Smith’s Slowspace at One Place After Another

SALT Magazine: Noli Me Tangere: Sloterdijk’s Bubbles

Three texts for SafARI 2016:
Mille Tindresse
On the Tent
Planet Hysterica


Dissect Journal: A Moving Target, Hito Steyerl at the ICA, London

That Crevice Between Two Beams for Jarrod van der Ryken’s Blackwell Street at Firstdraft


BOMB Magazine: Daniel McKewen & Madeleine Stack

Goes Further / Gets Richer poetry chapbook, Solar Luxuriance press

Eyeline #83 The Invocation of the Dead: Matthew Barney’s River of Fundament at BAM, New York

Eyeline #82 Laure Prouvost’s For Forgetting at the New Museum, New York

Cold Shouldered for Charles Robb’s Loss Control at Spiro Grace Art Rooms

A Knife and a Torch for Kay Lawrence, Kat Sawyer and Vanessa Stanley at The Hold


The Sun’s Ex-Girlfriend for Camille Serisier’s Ovid’s Medusa at Inhouse Ari

Eyeline #78/79 Do Not Disturb. One on One at KW Institute, Berlin