Chaos Rehearsals, poetry collection

+ review by Mau Baiocco on SPAM

+ podcast discussing the book on Montez Press Radio

God’s Gloryhole, a play by Fer Boyd and Madeleine Stack

Hormines on Cordite

Finalist in BOMB 2022 Poetry Contest


Three poems: the water park, harvesting, and montgat, on Hotel


Portable Monument commissioned by BBC and ICA for UK national radio broadcast, in collaboration with Mikatsiu, produced by Fer Boyd

The amateur-amante as a future tool: Interview with Anyely Marin Cisneros & Rebecca Close (Critical Días) for un magazine

Pushing at the Wound: On violence and consent in the work of Lola Clavo and Maria Llopis for Another Gaze 2

Is Three Possible? Did Two Ever Exist? for Doggerland, A Reader: on Sociality and Idiocy

+ (PDF of the essay)

+ Podcast discussing the essay

+ Performance of Is Three Possible? Did Two Ever Exist? on Montez Press Radio at Cell Project Space, London

Botulism for Sidney McMahon’s Canter at Outer Space

The Annas script published in I’m in the bath on all fours… book by Well Press


Archwife for Dana Lawrie’s ‘Grasp the Nettle’ at Metro Arts

Meniscus text to accompany Future Skinned



Re-thinking the transgendered stage: an interview with Terre Thaemlitz on queering the image + taking back sites of abandonment, for aqnb 

Turn your stream into my garden for Leste Magazine #3 (with Mariana Echeverri)

Reading at CC: Berlin, Gr_und, 25 October 

Liquid Crystal II for ‘Collective Body’, published by the Institute of Contemporary Art, London


The Odd Woman and the City: Walking with Sophie Calle for Lyra Magazine

Liquid Crystal for Grace Kevill-Davies’ ~VENUS~ at Fake Estate

The whispering part of the voice: Listening back to ‘No Screening’ at ICA for aqnb

‘A carving out of space that is designed to end’ for Runway Australian Experimental Art

Harvesting the Dregs Ariana Reines + Oscar Tuazon at Modern Art, London for aqnb

‘The party becomes the site of knowing’: On the Brisbane sharehouse ARI for Runway Australian Experimental Art

Movie-Time for Romii Fulton-Smith’s Slowspace at One Place After Another

SALT Magazine: Noli Me Tangere: Sloterdijk’s Bubbles

Three texts for SafARI 2016:
Mille Tindresse
On the Tent
Planet Hysterica


Dissect Journal: A Moving Target, Hito Steyerl at the ICA, London

That Crevice Between Two Beams for Jarrod van der Ryken’s Blackwell Street at Firstdraft


BOMB Magazine: Daniel McKewen & Madeleine Stack

Eyeline #83 The Invocation of the Dead: Matthew Barney’s River of Fundament at BAM, New York

Eyeline #82 Laure Prouvost’s For Forgetting at the New Museum, New York

Cold Shouldered for Charles Robb’s Loss Control at Spiro Grace Art Rooms


The Sun’s Ex-Girlfriend for Camille Serisier’s Ovid’s Medusa at Inhouse Ari

Eyeline #78/79 Do Not Disturb. One on One at KW Institute, Berlin