The Green House

The Green House, for The Mouth Takes A Bite Out of This Cruel Summer (SHELL LIKE #4)

at Lux Moving Image, London

‘In the green house intricate bodily rebellions are carried out in a scent cloud of adrenalin and opioid rot. Girls are weapons, sweetness turns dank and sisterhood is a tangible undercurrent while surface decorum is guided by nauseous arrhythmia. A voice blazes and catches us off guard, untwining images under hothouse lamps with the caustic crack of emerald glass. Around the protagonist-poet is a placid place as it exists at night – leaves sharpening in the dark, noise bleeding from the edge of the city, the amorous communications of the nocturnal frogs echoing. Spoken fast as if scribbled in the corner, back turned, the poem captures the sensation of resistance on the precipice of destruction. A voice mounting in heat to express the different ways that we might be pushed towards- and then keenly clamber over-the edge.’ (SHELL LIKE)

listening programme curated by SHELL LIKE with works by:

Ain Bailey
Penny Goring
Madeleine Stack
Samira Saidi
Matilda Tjäder
Mikatsiu (Mika Hayashi Ebbesen)
Amy Pettifer
Patti Smith
Louise Forshaw

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