Circling the Drain

Circling the Drain, performance at Well Projects, Margate, as part of I’m in the bath on all fours, toward blue water (my nose is bleeding)

Toward blue water_MS2

Toward blue water_MS6

Toward blue water_MS5

Circling the Drain sound bath, with sculpture by Hannah Rowan

‘Punctuated by the soft crackle of underwater sonic space and modulated by both the fleshy and the technological; the sound baths presented by SHELL LIKE – featuring works by Alex Borkowski, Leyla Pillai and Madeleine Stack – flow through the gallery. This trilogy of slippery narratives guides the listener, sharpening their ears to achieve a trance-like state, pulling them by wet hair into a lake – hands circling lilac bath waters – as the conditions for life are rebuilt. Encircling words and their sonic counterparts imagine bodies which stand with one foot in an organic puddle, the other in a synthetic slipstream. In these audio works  – as in the work of Hannah Rowan – geological time, the synthetic and the organic converge in deep bodies of water.’ (Well Projects)